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Human Centered
Inhuman is a promise to build tools and experiences that enhance lives, foster connection, and empower personal growth. Our apps aren't just products; they're pathways to a better life.
Limitless Potential
Whether you're diving into cutting-edge technology, reimagining traditional industries, or pioneering entirely new ones, remember that your potential knows no bounds.
Super Fun
We believe that the tools your work with should be fun. Ours are designed to be intuitive and engaging and we want you to enjoy using them as much as we enjoy building them.
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Next Generation Productivity
Unleash Creativity: Synapse is designed to amplify your creativity. Whether you're a writer, a scientist, an artist, or anyone with ideas, it provides a platform to connect and expand your thoughts like never before.
Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of data to refine your ideas. Synapse helps you gather, analyze, and visualize data, turning raw information into actionable insights.
Intuitive Design: We've prioritized user experience. Synapse is user-friendly, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can utilize it to its full potential.
AI Graph Editor
Visual + Connected Data
Beyond Mindfulness
Dynamic Meditation: Infinite encourages you to explore various meditation practices beyond traditional mindfulness. Everything from visualization to soundscapes.
Personal Growth: Beyond relaxation, Infinite is about personal growth and self-improvement. It helps you navigate life's challenges and uncover your true potential.
Mindful Technology: Infinite advocates responsible technology use. It's not about escaping the digital world but using it intentionally to enhance your well-being.
Compatible VR Headsets
Apple Vision Pro
Meta Quest Pro
Meta Quest 3
Playstation VR 2
HTC Vive XR Elite
Immersed Visor
Pico 4
Erik Larsson
20+ years of experience in software development and design
XR, Web, AI, and Gaming
Electronic Arts
Work Examples
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